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He kissed Wisdom there, on the second step. The boy whose mouth had been filled with harp-songs, The shepherd king Gave, on the third step, his purest cry. At the root of the Tree of Man, an urn With dust of apple-blossom. Joseph, harvest-dreamer, counsellor of pharaohs Stood on the fourth step. He blessed the lingering Bread of Life. He who had wrestled with an angel, The third of the chosen, Hailed the King of Angels on the fifth step. Abel with his flutes and fleeces Who bore the first wound Came to the sixth step with his pastorals.

On the seventh step down The tall primal dust Turned with a cry from digging and delving. Tomorrow the Son of Man will walk in a garden Through drifts of apple-blossom. Those last two lines read with the optimism and delicacy of Traherne with his extravagant depictions of nature overflowing with the life-enhancing glory of the Creator. The Old Testament saints are drawn to the wounded Redeemer, and on the seventh step, the primal dust, that from which the Creator formed humanity cries out in hope and joy at a renewed creation, as the seond Adam walks in the garden, and the apple blossom, great contours of white and pink drifts of it, promise a new crop of apples which will come to fruition in the purposes of the Son of Man.

This is a playully serious theological meditation on creation, fall and redemption, framed within the medieval fascination with Christ descending to the place of departed spirits, and plundering the kingdom of darkness and lifelessness as the bringer of light and life. The photo is my personal possession, passed to me by a close friend of GMB, taken some time in the 's she thought.

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Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. God is Himself Love. Love is part of His Nature. God loves His creatures far more than a mother loves the children she has borne. He takes care of our body and soul. When we say that God is all-Knowing, we mean that He knows all things, past, present, and future.

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When we say that God is all-Present, we mean that He is everywhere. God is all-Present, because there is nothing that can have existence apart from Him.

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All creation exists in Him as thought exists in the mind. There is no place where God is not.

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He has no limits, and exists outside as well as in all creation. God is all-Present, present everywhere, at the same time. God is wholly everywhere at the same time. God can do anything, by a mere act of His Will.

Plays by Michael McGuire by Michael McGuire

Nothing is impossible to God. The only thing that God cannot do is to make a contradiction. He cannot will wrong, because wrong is a contradiction of His Goodness. God is all-Wise; His Knowledge is Infinite. He knows how to direct all things to the highest ends, and by the most fitting means. God is Infinitely Holy in Himself. He loves good and hates evil. God, is all-wise, all-holy, all-merciful and all-Just. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High' Luke But it was His Divine Nature that enabled Him to become transfigured, walk on the waters, raise the dead. They were intimately united, but they remained distinct.

Neither was absorbed by the other. When iron and gold are welded into one solid mass, they continue to retain all their individual properties distinct from each other. Beings obtain their nature from their origin; for this reason a child has a human nature, from its human parents. The most important places on earth are those where God is always Present in the Sacred Hosts in the Tabernacles of all Catholic Churches, Chapels and Religious Institutions, wherein they were reposed following their Consecration on the Altars in such buildings by the Priest-Celebrant during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Who am I, and why am I here? God is the Supreme Being Who made all things. To gain the Happiness of Heaven we must know, love, and serve God in this world.

Hardon, S. Man is created to praise, reverence and serve God, Our Lord, and by this means to save his soul. Father John A. We are created from nothing. Except for the Loving Omnipotence of God, we would be what we were before God made us and that is exactly nothing! God then created us out of Selfless Love.

We dare not say there is any profit or benefit to God. That would be blasphemy. God keeps us in existence by the same Almighty Love that brought us out of nothing into being in the first place. And this is something we cannot too often reflect on; our nothingness. Thus, we must be ceaselessly vigilant, cognizant of our own nothingness, our sinfulness, our appalling inadequacy, and ever mindful that we deserve nothing but eternal perdition.

Let this remembrance be to us as a sword with which we defend ourselves from the insidious attacks of presumption and vanity; and let us fight with the vigour of a man struggling for his very life. Unquestionably, therefore, those things which we truly merit of our own power are scarcely worthy of self-esteem, let alone the esteem of others.

For our glories can be traced to Heaven, but our sinfulness can be traced to ourselves. May Honour and Praise be Thine; may shame and confusion be mine! For in this humility is found the basis of innumerable other virtues. Just as God created our first parents out of nothing, so He continues to build our Spiritual Lives on our realization of the truth that we are nothing. Therefore, the lower we humble ourselves, the higher the edifice rises; and in proportion to our progression into the depths of humility does the Sovereign Architect erect the structure to the Heights of Holiness.

We can never too strongly emphasize this quest for self-abasement. O Heavenly Knowledge which gladdens us now and glorifies.


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O Admirable Light piercing the darkness to enlighten our souls and raise our hearts to God! O Precious but unknown Jewel which gleams through the shadow of our sins!

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  6. Whoever desires to honour the Divine Majesty must rid himself of self-esteem and the desire of the esteem of others. Humble yourself before everyone, casting yourself at the feet of mankind if you sincerely wish God to be glorified in you and you in Him. To unite yourself with Him, you must flee all grandeur, as He flees from those who constantly extol themselves. Choose the lowest place if you would have Him step down from the Highest to embrace you with greater Love.

    Choose the neglect of men that you may have the Love of God. He gave us a free will and there is only one reason He gave us a free will; to give it back to Him; that we might use His will according to His Will. There is only one war that has been fought in human history, only one battle. There is only one conflict in human nature, and that is the war, and the battle and the conflict between the Divine Will and the human will.

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    And consequently, unlike the irrational creation which has neither a mind nor a free will; we have a mind because we have a free will. So we might know what God wants us to do. He gave us a mind to enlighten the will. The will is a blind faculty. The will cannot see; the mind must enlighten the will.