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From weekend trips an hour away, to big summer vacations, or bucket list journeys -- this question can get even the most reserved prospects gushing about cherished memories or exciting upcoming adventures. Make sure you have some follow-up questions around what they plan to do on their trip. What foods they're most excited to try.


And what souvenirs they're planning to bring home. Before a call with a prospect, he Googles their town. Often, the people he's speaking with live in towns Dan's never visited, but with a two-minute search, he knows about their hottest new restaurant, what the weather is like currently, and which landmarks the locals love. He uses this knowledge to wow his prospects with questions like, " Have you made it to [Insert hot new local play here] yet?

I hear it's going to be in the 90's this week. The talking points above are great umbrella topics for small talk, but you might be looking for specific questions. The number one technique to use? Once the other person has finished their answer, ask a follow-up question.

When you first kick off the conversation, you know virtually nothing about this person. Your physical environment is always a safe bet. Where did you get them? Which brand is it? Small talk is a skill just like any other. To reduce your nervousness, practice your small talk in a low-stakes environment. Go to a casual networking event for a different industry, attend a meetup, or ask your friends to bring you along to their work events. Would you be on edge if you were making small talk with someone you knew really well?

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Probably not. If you need a quick trick to mitigate your anxiety, pretend the other person is a good friend. As an added benefit, this mental shift will make you seem warmer and friendlier. Having an objective can make small talk feel more meaningful. For example, maybe you commit to meeting four people at an event, or exchanging contact information with two other professionals in your field. This also allows you to objectively measure your success.

It might seem silly to write an extended post about small talk -- and then delve into tactics for avoiding it. But let's be clear. This isn't a guide to steering clear of conversations at networking events, office parties, conferences, or social gatherings. If you want to do that, I have a simple suggestion: Stay home! Of course, that's usually not a feasible strategy if you want to forge new connections and since forging new connections tends to go hand-in-hand with career growth, I highly recommend doing it occasionally. If you want to do that , here are a few suggestions. By the way, avoiding small talk is one of my continual goals in life.

First, be curious. Chances are, they know a whole lot about something you know something about -- if not many things. Take advantage of that. Figure out what they care about and ask lots of questions. Don't forget to listen and stay engaged so it's clear you're not just going through the motions. Second, pose unique questions and start non-obvious discussions. If you say something like, "It's so cold this week," you're going to have a meh conversation unless you're talking to a farmer or meteorologist, maybe.

Language Lab. Want to boost your conversational English vocabulary? This guide will help you improve your small talk so you can start conversations in English more easily.

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Small talk is the polite kind of chat that strangers, colleagues and friends use in native English conversations to greet each other, get conversations started, and to get to know more about each other. Most conversations in English, and in many languages around the world, begin with a greeting. Formal ways to greet someone include:. Questions are an important part of conversational English. You would speak more casually to a good friend, and to people in your own age group. You may find that people will begin to use casual greetings with you over time, as you get to know each other better.

Printable Worksheets, Online Quizzes, and More sponsor. This is a list of questions and examples of answers that you can use as an icebreaker with your new students, it can be also helpful to teach new vocabulary and expressions! Suitable for elementar Whole class activity. Cut,mix the sentences and give them to students.

The students will stand-up and mingle trying to match the sentences in a meaningful way and also they will guess the correct r Touchstone 2 Jeopardy Units 1,2,3 Karina. A power point presentation to review units 1,2 and 3 of the book Touchstone 2, a Jeopardy game to play. Divide the class in 2 teams and start asking the questions. There are 5 categories: units 1, Drama World Talent Marta. This drama is about a television talent show called World Talent, where contestants from around the world compete to see who is the most talented performer.

Each week the contestants perform in fr Helping People- Charity Events Tajana. This worksheet contains four stories, students must choose one story and decide who of the four people they are going to help and then decide how they are going to help them to organize a charity Expressions Related to Transport Awder. This worksheet contains some very useful expressions related to transport and present perfect practice.

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It is recommended for elementary to intermediate students. The students have a look at the s I'm a Star Victoria. After completing the worksheet students have to introduce themselves as if they were that person. As a spea Beauty and Physical Appearance Yasaman. This ppt is designed for speaking classes.

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It includes different questions about beauty and physical appearance. It is designed for intermediate and upper levels. Hope it helps! A nice worksheet for advanced students. I think this would make Talking about the Future PPT marjan van dijk.