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Lefort, M. Lewin, J. Moneta, H. Gonzales Moscoso, C. Redgrave, W.

Solano et al. ISBN —0———5. Trotsky and his critics. Abaywrdena, B. Gould, G. Leslie, T. Liddle, T. Melville, D. Packer, D. Spencer, A. Woodward, J. Young et al. ISBN —0———9. New series no.

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Clara Zetkin : letters and writings. ISBN Corporate authors have generally not been considered. For obituaries see the list of contents above.

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The Journal of Trotsky Studies JTS was launched in as a scholarly journal dedicated to the life and work of Leon Trotsky, aiming to encourage the furtherance of Trotsky studies through the publication of relevant articles and hitherto untranslated works, both primary and secondary sources, in English. Ian D. Thatcher and James D.


The editorial board consisted of American, British, and Israeli Trotskyist and non—Trotskyist scholars and other people particularly devoted to Trotsky research. The average number of pages per issue was , the format was The contents of Journal of Trotsky Studies consisted of articles both original publications and translations of articles previously published elsewhere , research notes, translations, bibliographical items and book reviews.

Here you can find a partial list of contents of the 4 issues published:. Notebooks for study and research NSR, for short is the title of a monographic series which has been issued by the IIRE , the International Institute of Research and Education, featured elsewhere on our TrotskyanaNet site, a research and educational centre closely affiliated with the Fourth International and located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; e—mail: iire antenna.

Publishing of this series began in , and as at several dozen issues have been published - with a scope ranging from some 30 to some pages and varying in format. The authors or editors are fellows of the IIRE , almost all are or, were long—time members or close sympathizers of the Fourth International United Secretariat , strongly influenced by its long-time leader Ernest Mandel Many issues of the series are at the same time part of one of the three following unnumbered series: lectures series edited transcripts of classes given under the auspices of the IIRE or other institutions, including appendices and supplementary reading material , studies series systematic studies of either a particular experience in a given country or a particular theme , or documents and debates series collections of documents, articles and interviews designed to update a controversial question.

Since no. Here you can find a list of the hitherto published issues of Notebooks for study and research as at autumn :. Most issues are bearing parallel titles. The series is designed to announce works in progress and circulate early drafts and materials, presenting in particular reworked transcripts of oral educational reports. The studies presented in this format generally retain an unfinished character.

The scope of the issues varies, the format is A4. Here you can find a list of the hitherto published issues of the Working papers of the International Institute of Research and Education as at Note: 'F' behind the year of publication means 'French', 'S' means 'Spanish':. When both Quaderni series ceased publication in July , 19 and 40 issues, respectively, had been issued altogether. In September , a new one—sigle series of the magazine started, called Quaderni Pietro Tresso , which was just a continuation of the two previous series, with one relevant change: any reference to the study centre had been dropped since in Summer the CSPT eventually had been dissolved because of several legal and political reasons.

The director of all three series has been Paolo Casciola , the moving spirit of the CSPT and the magazine and an outstanding activist and historian of Italian Trotskyism. The very majority of the Quaderni issues have been either written or translated, annotated or otherwise edited by Casciola who is fluent in various European languages.

A good portion of the Quaderni can be regarded as very valuable source or relevant study material relating to the history of Trotskyism in general and to Italian Trotskyism during the —50s and its protagonists in particular. Some issues of the Quaderni have also been featuring reprints of old and rare publications of the workers movement e. The format of the Quaderni is Many issues are still available. Within the framework of Paolo Casciola's WWW site "Associazione Pietro Tresso : per lo studio della storia e delle idee del movimento operaio italiano e internazionale" , which went online in January , digitized versions of the Quaderni have been or, will be published in pdf format.

For introductory notes see above. Here's a list of all hitherto published issues of Quaderni Pietro Tresso as at Dec. In addition to the Quaderni series mentioned above , some smaller booklets have been published by CSPT from which the following are of special interest to Trotskyana research:. CEIP is an unaffiliated study and research centre which was set up by Argentine scholars and adherents of various currents of Argentine Trotskyism in The first Cuadernos issue was published in Director of this publication is Christian Castillo.

No information is provided relating to subscription price and ordering.

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Here's a short survey about the first three printed issues of Cuadernos as at Summer :. Education for socialists is the series title of some dozens of unnumbered bulletins each bearing a distinct title, and most an ISBN issued in 8. The scope of the bulletins is ranging from 7 to more than pages, the prices varies from issue to issue. The SWP for many decades was one of the strongest and most influential sections — although not officially affiliated because of a reactionary U.

Education for socialists bulletins contain rich source material, primarily compiled from internal bulletins and other papers documenting the internal life, discussions and debates of the SWP and the Fourth International. Thus, some of the issues listed below are highly relevant to research relating to the history of the Trotskyist movement since they are containing documents hardly to find elsewhere except in certain archival depositories.

Although most of the bulletins were originally published in the s and s, a considerable portion of them is still available from Pathfinder Press — as a rule in form of later editions reprints , but without any alteration with regard to the contents and scope.

Je crois que bon bon

This is to appreciate insofar as the positions reflected in many bulletins have little in common with those positions represented by the SWP leadership since the mids. By the way it should be mentioned that this bulletin series should not be confused with a series of exact the same title but issued by the British Socialist Workers Party. Here's a list of almost all hitherto published Education for socialists bulletins as at , arranged by title; note: bulletins we consider particularly relevant with regard to Trotskyism research are highlighted by bold—face title phrase:.

The journal was launched in Autumn ; as at Spring , altogether 46 issues some appearing as double—issues have been published. While all articles, reviews etc. The average scope of the journal is some pages per issue. The format - with exception of the very first issue - is Torotsuki—Kenkyu Trotsky Studies contains almost entirely articles, letters and other writings by Leon Trotsky - a considerable portion of which is appearing in Japanese translation from English and Russian sources for the first time - , articles about Leon Trotsky's life and work and about various aspects of the history of Trotskyism, as well as book reviews and obituaries.

Most of the contributions by non—Japanese authors are translations of articles, obituaries etc. Some numbers of the journal are designated as special issues, many numbers are bearing distinct titles and ISBN. A considerable portion of the articles and other contributions published in Torotsuki—Kenkyu Trotsky Studies have been uploaded by the Trotsky Institute , thus hundreds of primary and secondary texts relating to Trotsky are available in Japanese language on the WWW now, most of them linked with corresponding on—line versions in English, Russian etc.

For more details about the Trotsky Institute of Japan you may consult the feature devoted to it within the framework of TrotskyanaNet.

What follows is a short survey about the hitherto as of Spring published issues of Torotsuki Kenkyu Trotsky Studies :. The inaugural issue appeared in December A relevant change took place at the end of Dissidences — now without subtitle — began to be published by a well—known publishing house: L'Harmattan Paris , starting with a new numbering vol.