Go Global: How to take your business to the world

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Preparing Your Business to Go Global

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By Emma Jones. Go Local!

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Who's who in British business revealed: An inside look at UK's longest running business awards programme. By Praseeda Nair. Knowing as much as possible about the place in which you want to do business is paramount. In fact, a recent Worldwide ERC survey of senior executives in a hundred global corporations found 95 percent of the respondents believe national cultures of the places they do business play an important or very important role in the success of their business mission. Use international social media platforms.

Small Business Spotlight

They are used for both personal and business reasons, and recruiters go to them to source talent for local and international companies. These channels could be great tools to assess whether your business, product, or service might appeal to certain local markets. Using them can also be a great way to make contacts with people living there; you might even join a group of other professionals.

How to use go4worldbusiness to find global buyers

I travel four to six times a year to Europe, and when I do, I post the dates of my travel and schedule meetings with key business partners. These posts inevitably generate more business for me. Meet with local investment organizations.

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Consider hiring a freelancer translator to generate multiple versions of your website in different languages. A great option is starting with English-speaking countries until you are ready to take on other languages. Visiting each country where you plan to do business also helps you gain a better understanding of who you are working with, including interacting with outsourced staff, vendors and partners, customers and the media. Show some pics on your site with local people showing you sharing their customs with appreciation.

During your research you most likely gathered information on what type of marketing mechanisms and platforms are most widely used, including social media, search marketing, and online advertising.

Use this information and continue gathering other data on blogs, forums, email marketing, and other channels where you can get your marketing messages out in the most effective way possible. Currency exchange and varied payment systems can put off small businesses from going global. However, with new billing and payment tools, it has become a lot easier to work with customers in different countries.

How to Take Your Company Global | Global Business

There are now easy ways to deliver an online invoice in various languages and currencies that also include the appropriate tax and fee guidelines for that particular country. You can also access affordable international credit card processing solutions that help you expand the type of payment options you can offer your customers. More countries are opening up to the idea of international transactions so this aspect of global expansion will become much easier.

Although it takes considerable effort to expand your business globally, there are more tools and strategies now available that make it more convenient, secure, and affordable.

Remember to build your empire slowly and enjoy the new revenue streams and experience of serving customers from all parts of the world , one step, one country, at a time.