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That description alone should make ears perk; TopGolf is a common refrain when you ask anyone at the Show about the game's horizons. And with reason: It's new, it's popular, it's grabbing the attention of non-golfers. But, mentioned above, though the sport's stakeholders recognize TopGolf's importance, to a person, they're not sure what its next steps or iterations look like. To a creed of golfers looking for a little bit more, it will not quench their thirst.

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The Golfuture concept encapsulates pieces of traditional and simulation rounds into a compact adventure. The course is divided into four quadrants: driving, approach, short game, putting, each with targets of varying distance, with the capacity for players to tee off at once. Which is the first wrinkle in Golfuture: a golfer does not play 18 holes in the traditional sense.

Far from it. In the first quadrant, a player will hit all their drives on every par 4 and 5 before moving to the approach area.

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Meaning you will hit your second drive of the day, but your second shot on the scorecard will come later. As for where those drives head, a computer screen will direct you to a target on the range to hit your drive for each specific hole. Each ball's distance and location is saved, transmitted to the approach area to be displayed for the player when they reach that quadrant. Within 10 minutes, a player's tee shots for the round are completed. Then comes a series of second shots, as well as tee shots for the course's par-3 hole.

As stated, Golfuture's programs save the data on your tee shots and ball position, so when you return to your "first hole," you're facing not just a sedentary flag yards out; it's a distance predicated by your drive.


And position. A player doesn't hit all their second shots from a fairway mat. It could be second cut, rough, sand, even a punch-out from woods. Along with keeping track of the round, the app's interface will store player statistics and produce a predictive score, a system the founders hope will encourage match play and promote fun. Players then finish up on the short game and putting greens, each with various contours and pin locations.

In early simulations, 18 holes were completed in 45 minutes. A 75 percent cut compared to a traditional round. While time is the major pitch to players, it's only a piece to potential buyers and investors.

The range-like format boasts low maintenance and operating costs. It's a small footprint: the property takes up just 15 to 25 acres. For context, according to the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America, the average golf course uses to acres.

Tiger Woods is betting on this new golf concept. Is it the real deal?

This makes it ideal not just for urban areas, but for existing ranges that want a makeover or courses looking to add a different component to its portfolio. And similar to TopGolf, Golfuture boasts a social and entertainment area at the heart of its lay-out. The Korpachs don't view Golfuture as a substitute for traditional golf, and the altered flow may leave something to be desired for certain golfers.

Conversely, they have constructed one of the few tangible responses to golf's litany of worries. View My Itinerary. I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I want to receive information about events, news and special offers in northwestern Istria. I agree. Colours of Istria About us Contact. Discover the beautiful northwest of Istria! Golf Range Concept - a new driving range in Umag. Golf for everyone The driving range is open to all, as the owner wants to popularise golf and make it accessible to all different kinds of players — from curious 8-year olds to experienced golfers.

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