La morada del azul (Nunca dejes de viajar nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

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We will pay you according to the amount of work you do. Repetition helps you remember something. How soon can I have my shoes mended? No hay mejor salsa que el hambre. Hunger is the best sauce. Hunger compelled the boy to steal money from the cash register.


I saw a flock of birds flying aloft. A time bomb went off in the airport killing thirteen people. Is there a shuttle bus between the hotel and airport? Oxygen from the air dissolves in water.

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Tiny particles in the air can cause cancer. El aire es una mezcla invisible de gases.

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Air is a mixture of gases that we cannot see. El aire es invisible.

Air is invisible. El aire es una mezcla de varios gases. Air is a mixture of several gases. El aire es una mezcla de gases. Air is a mixture of gases.

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El aire es el medio del sonido. The air is a medium for sound. El aire es indispensable a la vida. Air is indispensable to life. No podemos vivir sin aire. We cannot live without air. The air became warm. Sin aire morimos.

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We would die without air. But for air, all living things would die. The sky is full of stars. Air travel is fast; sea travel is, however, restful. There were countless stars in the sky. Numerosas estrellas eran visibles en el cielo. Numerous stars were visible in the sky. Es el destino del hombre sufrir. It is man's lot to suffer. El banco tiene una hipoteca sobre su edificio. The bank holds a mortgage on his building. Tengo que retirar dinero del banco.

I have to withdraw some cash from the bank. Hay innumerables estrellas en la galaxia. There are innumerable stars in the galaxy. Six percent home loans represent the industry average now. Are you free on Friday afternoon? Take part in the activity not for money but for learning through experience. Los ricos tienden a despreciar a los pobres.

The rich are apt to look down upon the poor. Los ricos a veces desprecian a los pobres. The rich sometimes despise the poor.

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The rich merchant adopted the boy and made him his heir. The rich are not always happier than the poor. Tuve que recurrir a amenazas para conseguir mi dinero devuelta. I had to resort to threats to get my money back. No quiero ni prestar ni pedir prestado. I don't want to lend or borrow. Debemos recortar nuestros gastos para ahorrar dinero. We must cut our expenses to save money. Making money is his religion. Prefiero los anillos de plata a los de oro. I prefer silver rings to gold ones. The price of gold fluctuates daily.

Avances recientes en la medicina son notables. Recent advances in medicine are remarkable. Chemistry has made notable progress in recent years.

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  8. La reciente frecuencia de sismos nos pone nerviosos. The recent frequency of earthquakes makes us nervous. La honestidad parece ser menospreciada ahora. Honesty seems to be rather at a discount today.

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    We could hear the donnnng En el futuro cercano, seremos capaces de poner un final al SIDA. In the near future, we will be able to put an end to AIDS. These problems will be solved in the near future. Report to the emergency room. I asked for a seat in the no-smoking section. I asked for a seat in the non-smoking section. I would like to sit in the non-smoking section. Do you have a non-smoking section? Could we have a table in the non-smoking section? The sooner you give up, the greater the benefits.