Strane sensazioni (Italian Edition)

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Dubitato un po' troppo. All of these feelings. Too many reasons to run. I put my head down keep running away from it. Anywhere I'm going can't be worse than this. I need to get away before it pulls me here. Devo scappare prima che inizi a trattenermi qui.

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And I'm never ever getting close to anyone again. I'm never ever getting close to anyone again. And I don't even know where I'm going to. E non so neppure dove sto andando. But I don't want any motherfucking part of you. Ma non desidero nessuna fottuta parte di te. I've been waiting for this moment for way too long. Ho atteso questo momento troppo a lungo. I don't know where I'm going but I just keep moving on. Non so dove sto andando ma continuo a tirare avanti. Report a problem. Last activities. Verified by Lucas Fabricio curator. Last edit by Hernan Raza.

Synced by Tamires Silva. Translated by Wilsson Kent Masters. Edit translation. More lyrics from the album. Outsider Mar 9th Exclusive offer Get up to 3 months of free music. News you might be interested in. These lyrics have been translated into 16 languages. I had a wonderful, unforgettable time.

Rocco Siffredi

Thank you for letting me get to know so many interesting people. Can't wait for more editions! So at the end this experience just overwhelmed me! The city itself with its colors and smells, the magic locations for the photo shootings, but the most importantly - the people! I had a lot of fun and will defined never forget this trip! Thank you letmeitalianyou for the perfect organization and planning, and especially, for taking such a great care of us!

I felt part of the big, loud and crazy familia. Ciao Ragazzi! It is the perfect combination between passion, traveling, knowing new cultures, new people. It is an unforgettable experience! Thanks ragazzi I can not wait to see you again and make new memories by your side knowing more places and wonderful people!

I wish you all the best! Once again I've been enjoying another trip with Let me italian you and once again it's been an incredibly adventure. For the first time me and my two best friends were travelling together outside Europe and we were a bit nervous at the beginning but when we finally met all the grup it was amazing, you feel so confortable with kind people that worries about you.

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For me as a photographer and retoucher this kind of experiences are vital for my work, I had the opportunity to take great photographies thanks to the twins that organize everything to take us to the most beautiful places possible with the most beautiful models. They make a GREAT work together and I will be in more trips with these two as soon as possible, and yes, this is a threat.

Thank you again for thinking of me to take part in this incredible experience. Only a few days have passed since the experience in Morocco ended and I can confirm that the "Mal d'Africa" took over. I had the chance to live Marrakech with some wonderful people that I will carry in my heart, always. Thanks to Let me Italian you for giving me this wonderful opportunity, you are really special! Everything was different from our world but it was an amazing experience!

Thanks for the opportunity! A city that is a chaos of people, colors, spices, markets, life!

I was so lucky to meet and share this adventure with wonderful people. There is not two without three, see you soon Let me Italian You. Especially if you need an adventure, but you are scary to go alone or have no time to organize it. Four days in the company of surprisingly consonant people, in spite of different languages, different experiences, different cameras. Excellent organization - everything is thought out, every detail is provided. And all this is made by a fantastic couple - twins Gabriele and Massimiliano.

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Guys, I hope to participate in your projects again! Learn to know your limits, your feelings, and your emotions. Everything is different. Compare yourself with different cultures, meet new people, strange languages and smells, colors, styles.


But more than anything else it reinforces you. Every experience makes you feeling different, yes in the same body, but different in your soul. It's always worth it! The trip to Marrakech was so well organized.

Tony Tears

We visited a lot of fantastic places, the Souk was great for "street and Urban photograpy". I learned a lot and made great photos. I have also got a lot of new friends with the same interest in photographing.

Lisola Tesoro by Robert Louis

It was such a great team changing experiences and ideas. Looking forward to meet some of them agin on Let me Italian you's next trip. Ebooks and Manuals

A truly magical place. Thank you Let me italian you, for the competence and kindness, I never felt lonely, the transfers and visits were all taken care of beautifully.

It could not be better! A group of beautiful people, all united by the same passion. A beautiful experience, certainly to be repeated.