The 3 + 1 Plan: The Insiders Way to Achieve Financial Freedom with Just 4 Properties

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For more information please review our cookie policy. We would like to invite you to our 2hr real estate investing orientation. Bring something to take notes with and come sit back and listen to why real estate investing is meant for everyone Whether you like real estate or not, you might not realize yet that you already are an investor. You most likely pay for where you live now and you invest in someone's dreams! Would you rather pay someone for where you live, or would you like to get paid? How would you like to take control of your retirement We will.

In Real Estate Investing: We are looking for those who want to learn how to be an investor and those who want to build wealth through investments in Real Estate. Not only do we invest locally, but we also invest nationwide. A real estate license or experience is not necessary, but if you have either, great. Either way, we are here to show you how to be a real estate investor, where to invest, and our ways to make money. We work with everybody in our real estate investor training programs and here to help you build your own real estate investment portfolio.

You can do most all your work from home! Once certified, our sales agents are paid to enroll new real estate investing training associates.

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Our home based business is yours to control as long as you are willing to network and help provide customer service to the people you get enrolled. We create successful real estate investors and we have the results to prove that our system works. We are very selective of whom we work with, and timing is everything. Register for a real estate seminar and come learn how you can build that massive and passive income working with us.

We have offices local and we work with our associates making sure they are successful. IMP: Once you register, you will receive an email, phone call, or text to confirm your reservation and that you are you.

Once confirmed, we will send you a confirmation with our office address and the location of the orientation. If you need immediate assistance, please use the contact link above. Add to Calendar. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. You get very good at focus. I get asked for references from time to time by investors considering their first investment with us.

I usually will seek out an investor or two who have been in our deals longer and in a couple of investments. You may want to ask questions like: i. How has it performed you want at least at or above expectations?

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How are the communications quality and frequency with the investors? Any issues or concerns you have experienced and how have they been handled? Availability - Does the Sponsor have time for you? Do they make themselves available to answer your questions and educate you? You should be able to talk to the sponsor directly.

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You should be able to ask the sponsor just about any question and they should be able to answer you promptly with a quality response. Are you comfortable with their responses? Do they help educate you on technical areas? Sponsors want to have long term relationships with their investor so if they are not answering you could get a sense that they are not thinking long about this business and where does the limited partner investor sit in this relationship.

The Ultimate Hypocrite: Robert Kiyosaki and His Company’s Bankruptcy

You want to feel as an equal partner, you should be well informed and very comfortable with your investment and how you are treated, communicated with is very important. Can you tour the property? Communications Schedule - A good sponsor should give you an example of an investor communications schedule and some correspondence on past deals for you to review. The schedule should contain frequency of communications, timing of distributions and K-1 statements for tax purposes, how you can contact the sponsor and other handy tips.

This might be one of the most important points, cannot overemphasize that a good sponsor should be principled in being conservative in their numbers and assumptions that make up the business plan and investment performance projections.

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The business model in value add apartment investing with experienced sponsors is quite attractive financially so there is no compelling reason to embellish the numbers or stretch. You can conservatively post numbers that gain investor attention and interest and pleasantly surprise them during the duration of the investment with upside performance.

Why take risks in forecasting higher numbers and then struggle to meet them consistently. Better yet, a good sponsor in dealing with more sophisticated investors will put together a sensitivity analysis report that shows you how your investment returns are impacted when four key areas of the investment model change occupancy, rent, interest rates and cap rates. This can cause your investment returns to change either more positive or negative. I focus more on the worst-case scenarios and see if I can still live with it. Let me set this up.

Not a good idea. Always want to under promise, over deliver so be conservative. Review the payout structure and understand how the sponsor and you the investor gets paid for distributions, refinances and sales. A waterfall is where after a certain hurdle rate is reached typically IRR measured the split can change. The idea is that the sponsor will get a higher return incentive by showing a stronger performance.

Preferred Return — I personally like to see a preferred return in the deal.

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This favors the investor. There is no guarantee when you invest in these deals, however, the next best thing to a guarantee for the limited partner is a preferred return. The first two are very common fees, the others are optional: i. This is for all the work the sponsor goes through to find just this one great property but having to look at, analyze over 50 to to get to this one and all the work leading up to the close including taking care of the staff, administration, analyst, marketing, etc.

This is primarily to cover the costs and time associated with ensuring the apartment management company executes the business plan. Loan guarantee — sometime you will see this because the lender requires one or two of the key sponsors to put up their net worth as collateral to the size of the loan.

Fees should not impact projections shown but double check. Its common that the cash on cash return and IRR you are shown in the 5 year projections on the investment are after fees have been taken out. Hence, you should not expect your returns to go down just because there are sponsor fees.

A good forecast should bake all that in. If there are performance hurdles or water falls, those assumptions should all be baked in with no surprises. Sponsor Investment Commits — I like to see a sponsor invest in their own deal. If most of the partners on the sponsor team are putting up money I feel better. Its common that a sponsor will hire a property management company to oversee the day to day operations.

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Again, the sponsor will be very involved as the asset manager but looking at more of ensuring the property manager executes the business plan to add value and create a great apartment community. Good reputation and experience is essential as the right property manager will make or break a good deal in a good market. Review the property management company that the sponsor uses or will be using on the project you are evaluating.

Check out their website and do many of the things we discussed above in 1.

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  • Review backgrounds of the key leadership team. Do they have a track record of solid performance? How many properties do they manage, what types classes and sizes? I also like one with size as they can better negotiate with vendors to cover multiple communities.

    3 reasons to invest in real estate, according to a financial planner who owns 10 rental properties

    Studies show few residents at apartments even know their neighbor. These are qualitative factors for sure but have direct quantitative impacts such as increased resident retention, lower turnover, referrals, etc. They should be focused on education, training and processes with state of the art software.

    This is done by the sponsor b. I would ask the sponsor what are his key actions, plans and routines to stay on top of the apartment manager and the community. Is he in the same town? That is not critical if he if flying in often enough to ensure the apartment manager is on top of their game. I like to see the sponsor team providing monthly emails to the investors on project status.

    It could be as simple as a bullets on what has been accomplished that past month, how they are handling any issues that came up and protecting your investment. Are they responsive when investors have a question and do they work well with the apartment manager in quickly addressing the issues?