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Though he believed implicitly everything he saw in print, he had learned already that in the Bible things that said one thing quite clearly often mysteriously meant another. Lynde was awful mad when I said that and shut the Bible up and said she'd never read me any more of it if I talked like that. We talked a little, and I did not perceive that they had any book among them, though I did not ask; but I put my hand into my pocket, and pulled out my Bible.

Go, go and get the big Bible , and open it at the beginning, where everything's set down. He who proclaims it a re- ligious duty to read the Bible denies me the right of learning to read the name of the God who made me.

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Come, Ben," said Adam, rather sternly, "you let the words o' the Bible alone; you're going too far now. Acronyms browser? Full browser? Chronik 1. Chronik 2. Second Esdras 2 Esd 2. First Maccabees 1 Macc 1. Makk 1Mcc Apoc.

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Second Maccabees 2 Macc 2. Makk 2Mcc Apoc. Third Maccabees 3 Macc 3. Makk 3Mcc Apoc. Fourth Maccabees 4 Macc 4.

Makk 4Mcc Apoc. Man — Apoc. Jubilees Jub. Martydom of Isaiah Mart. Martyrium des Jesaja — MartIs Pseud. Psalms of Solomon Pss.

What does BIBLE stand for?

Psalmen Salomos — PsSal Pseud. Enoch En Henoch — Hen Pseud. Assumption of Moses As. Himmelfahrt des Mose — AssMosis Pseud. Apocalypse of Elijah Apoc.

Books of the Bible, Abbreviated in English and German

Apokalypse des Elias — ApcEliae Pseud. Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs T. Testament of Reuben T. Testament of Levi T.

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