The Constant Struggle

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London: DETR. Local Leadership: Local Choice. London: DTLR. It would be nearly impossible for a president or congressional leader to pass two or three of these reforms, unless they dedicated their entire administration exclusively to the pursuit of reforming the immigration system.

Constant Struggle

This forces policymakers and citizens to ask: When focusing on one particular issue area, which reform is most important to pursue? Thankfully, we have government data related to countless contentious political issues, including healthcare, gun control and criminal justice. On the issue of immigration alone, there is data available on the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the US Courts website regarding immigration numbers, detention rates and asylum cases.

I rarely see, however, a politician justifying their support for a given piece of legislation by using this available data to evaluate the impact of their proposed policy. For example, environmental advocates rarely explain why the Green New Deal would have a more profound impact than a carbon tax or cap and trade scheme alone. We assume that the more extreme, the greater the impact. This has been made crystal clear during the Democratic debates. Candidates have been competing with each other over who can have the most progressive, most extreme policy proposal to tackle a given issue.

In some cases, these extremely progressive policies have data supporting them that does suggest they would have greater impact toward their target goal. In many other cases, however, the support just does not exist. Consider the immigration debate once again. A few candidates followed, endorsing the same policy. This policy is extremely progressive, and it is considered by some Republican circles to be tantamount to open borders. View Details. Events you might like:. Share this event.

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